Black Gin Liqueur


Apple and blackberry is always a winning combination of flavours, and what better way to make the most of them that in a black gin liqueur? The tartness of the Bramley apple goes perfectly with the blackberry’s earthy taste for drink that’s perfect all year round.

  • 350ml £14.95
  • 700ml £24.95

Presentation boxes are available (black, beige, blue or red) and cost £5.00.



We lovingly handcraft each bottle of McCallums Black Gin Liqueur. From picking the ingredients across our 15 acres of farmland or sourcing from local growers, to washing and blending, through to filtering, bottling and marketing. Keeping such a close eye on every batch of our fruit infused gin liqueurs means we can always promise you a premium product.

All our gin liqueur flavours are delicately balanced to give just the right level of sweetness. Drink them neat or add to a mixer to make a truly refreshing drink.

Serving suggestion

Warm up the black gin liqueur for a tipple that’s perfect for winter evenings. During the summer months, why not add lemonade with a sprig of mint for a truly refreshing drink?


If you live further afield and would like us to deliver, that’s not a problem. Get in touch and we can arrange for McCallums Gin Liqueurs to be brought straight to your door.

Simply give us a call on 01302 770224 and we can take payment over the phone, we’re open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, seven days a week.

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Bottle Size

350ml, 700ml